The Lube Oil Blending Plant

The Lube Oil Blending Plant is the pride of the company. This State-Of-the-art lubricant oil blending plant is considered as one of the most technologically advanced in-line blending facilities Bangladesh.

Blending System

Tank Storage Facility

There are some tanks for storage of base oils, bulk additives and preparations including pre-blend tanks, holding tanks and finished products tanks. Some special features incorporated in the tank designs are: – Internal heating coils for Day Tanks and Additive Tanks to get pre-set temperature levels.

Hot-oil System — to maintain supply of hot oil for heating the content of different raw material tanks

Drum heating oven — to heat additive drums for facilitating unloading of the content.

Dry slop tank system — to collect any spillage from the plant

API separator — to separate all oil from drain water before it leaves the plant

Firefighting capability — fire water tank complete with sprinkler, fire hydrant and other equipment for four hours firefighting.

Blending System

This is Sami automatic LOBP. It is capable of blending over full phase lube oil formulations from over 50 base oil and additive components. The process uses sophisticated blend control system and unique software. The ILB system controls the preparation of raw materials and automatically and instantaneously makes all necessary adjustments to ensure on spec products 100% of the time. There are also four pre-mix tanks to produce specific grades of high-quality lubricants that may be required by customers in small quantities. These tanks are equipped with agitator and drum decanting system and collectively termed as a semi-automatic blending system.

Lube Oil Testing Lab

Like any other standard facilities throughout the globe, LOBP also has a classy laboratory. Automatic Viscometer, Pour Point Determiner, Density Meter, etc, supplied by the world’s most reputed testing and measuring equipment makers, such as, Koehler, Metrohm, Perkin-Elmer, Cannon, Julabo, Anton Parr, Gast, etc. The laboratory equipment’s are designed to carry out QA/QC tests for releasing batch of products at specified stages.